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Kelso Ram Sales 2016

Crumhaughhill smash the record unregistered Texel price with a £5,000 bid.

Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 233 Texel Shearling Rams in Ring 18 on Friday past at The Annual Kelso Ram Sales.
Bidding was keen from the start , with several buyers securing their rams from regular vendors with past knowledge of how well they breed.
The highlight of the sale was the fantastic consignment of 24 rams from Allan and Hazel Smith Crumhaughhill Farm, Hawick. Their much talked about pen sold to average a remarkable £1,341, their top prices were £5,000 to Mr Paul Slater, Macclesfield closely followed at £4,000 to Mr John Gray, Unthank Farm, Alnwick, £2,000 again to noted breeder Paul Slater with border farmers M/s Fullerton Corsbie , Earlston securing one at £1,800.

At the show kindly sponsored by Tarff Valley Feeds and held prior to the sale on Thursday night. The difficult task of finding a winner was ably undertaken by Mr James and Peter Fleming Lochside Farm, Yetholm , Kelso.

The results from the show were :

1. Bowsden Moor 4675 £1,100
2. Crumhaughhill 4590 £1,800
3. Commonside 4769 £800
4. Blackett House 4816 £1,000
5. Catslackburn 4552 £950

The Robert Smith Photography Trophy presented for the best pen was won by Lot 13 Sharplaw Farms , Hownam , Kelso. This consignment backed up it’s award with an increase of £189 on the year to average £713.

Leading prices : Crumhaughhill £5,000 £4,000 £2,000 £1,800 £1,600 £1,300 £1,200. Bowsden Moor , Falla, Flex £1,100 Crumhaughhill £1,080 Catslackburn , Crumhaughhill, Falla, Sharplaw, Upper Bolton £1,050
Catslackburn, Falla , Hartside £950 Bowsden Moor £920 Upper Cleugh , Falla, Sharplaw , Upper Bolton and Crumhaughhill x4 £900