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Wednesday 13th March 2024 at 12noon


Norham West Mains, Norham, Berwick upon Tweed. TD15 2JY 68.95 Acres Apply by: 15/03/2023 12:00 pm Details Click to Tender

The Borders

Glendearg, Galashiels. TD1 2NR 351.33 Acres Apply by: 15/03/2023 12:00 pm Details Click to Tender


All to be let by internet tender.
Further Instruction are invited

Logan Brown 07971 185657,
Brian Ruthven 07721 558795, Emma: 07917 611169.
Office 01289 306067


The letting of seasonal grazings has proved to be a constantly enlarging part of our business. Since the advent of the Single Farm Payment it has become imperative that the owner knows and has references for their prospective grazier. Thus they do not compromise the Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) element of their SFP.
We have pioneered a Written Tender method of Seasonal Grass Park Lets. Model contracts have been written into which the client’s particular needs are accommodated. These areas include the period required to be grazed; whether the proprietor intends to offer a looking service or not; whether sheep and/or cattle are grazed; any environmental restrictions or exclusions; whether the proprietor wants to retain grazing for a few horses etc, etc.
The Parks are then advertised in local and national press and on our web-site and tenders are then invited. Comprehensive details and tender forms are published on this web page where prospective takers can download then visit and view the Parks. The lettings take place on the first and second Wednesdays in March. The proprietor is informed on his let day who and what has been tendered for their fields and then has the opportunity to select from the offers who he wishes to be his grazier. By this method we can maximize the publicity for your grass but unlike an Auction, the owner can select his grazier.