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  • FARM SALE: Friday 16th September at 11am Whitehouse Farm, Alnwick. NE66 2LN
  • Always keen to expand our excellent entry of Texel Rams at the Closamectin Kelso Ram Sales (9.9.16)


Store and Breeding Sheep For Sale

16 Cheviot Mule Ewes

1 & 2 Crop

Tel: 07721 558 795 


22 Suffolk x Mule Ewes

3 & 4 Crop

Tel: 07721 558 795 


25 Suffolk x Cheviot Mule Ewes

10 x 1 Crop

10 x 2 Crop

5 x 3 Crop

Tel: 07721 558 795 


37 Texel x Mule Ewes

27 x 2 Crop 

10 x 4 Crop

Tel: 07721 558 795 


59 Beltex & Texel Ewes

Mainly 1-2 crop with the odd 3 crop. 

Tel: 07721 558 795 


Naturally shown Gimmers

All of these gimmers were bought as ewe lambs in St Boswells and Hexham.

They are very naturally shown and look extremely good value as they are very sensibly priced.


75 Suffolk X Gimmers

30 Texel X Gimmers

15 Swale Gimmers

15 Blackface Gimmers

All on Heptovac system and Albex wormed on 24th June

Tel: 07971 185 657


Location: Berwickshire

150 Suffolk X Mule Gimmer Shearlings

All bred out of Castle Douglas type Mule Ewes on the same Scottish Border Farm. Heptovac P'd; Mineral drenched and Click'd three weeks ago. Big strong well farmed shearlings.

Tel: 07976 634669

Location: Shropshire

100 Suffolk X Mule Gimmer Shearlings

All bred out of top North of England Mules from a renowned nearby farm. Full medicals.

Tel: 07976 634669

Location: Durham

Flock of 400 Suffolk x Ewes and Scotch Mules

1 - 3 crop.

In heptivac system, jagged for Toxivac, Footvac, Abortion jagged as gimmers. (March lambers ). Genuine reason for Sale. 

Tel: 07721 558 795 


52 Lanark type Blackface Gimmers

All on heptavac p system , dosed and treated for fly , naturally run on grass.

Tel: 07721 558795



2 Opportunities for Business Diversification

i. A Boar Rearing Station in Northumberland or the Borders:- for an ongoing pen of 20 boars. To be at least 4.5 miles from other pigs.  Pigs, pens, feed and back up will be supplied. No capital needed.

ii. A Collection Centre for Wool in Northumberland or the Borders  - tidy, concreted premises, well located and with good access. No capital needed.

Contact James on 07976 634669

Location: North Northumberland and the Borders